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6 giorni su 7

la frenesia della preparazione

Turin (Italy)
The Porta Palazzo food Market is the largest open air market in Europe with hundreds of stalls. From Mondays to Fridays it’s a place of meeting and exchange of traditions, cultures also of different gastronomy, due to its excellent quality/price ratio.
Frantic, colored, noisy, crowded and fragrant, every day the benches appear to the dawn and they disappear at the end, to leave the greatest plaza in Turin clears away and cleaning up.
To maintain this rule a lot of people they work behind the scenes, the market is an important employment place for the non-Community citizens coming mainly from Eastern Europe, China and Maghreb. Around this common good there was a pacific cohabitation of ethnic groups, with the universal rule that the last arrivals can access only the heaviest jobs and ache remunerated.
All this 6 days on 7
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